Whatsapp Fake Privacy Policy – Data Theft and Process Explained

Whatsapp Fake Privacy Policy - Data Theft and Process Explained:

On 7th Jan there was an alert to its users. The Alert said that Whatsapp Privacy Policy has been updated. The users who didn't update it cannot use Whatsapp after Feb8th. Many users needed WhatsApp to then click on Agree Option. Few People read the update. After reading the Privacy Policy issues have been created, Many users move to other apps like Signal and Telegram. 

What is the latest update from Whatsapp?

Have they apologized for the Privacy Policy they released?

Have they confirmed they will not take any data?

What is the truth?

Is using Google and Whatsapp the Same?

What restrictions can Facebook apply on its users?

We will answer these questions in this video.

Many commented that they have stopped using Whatsapp.

Is Telegram an Indian app?

Telegram is not an Indian app whereas it is a Russian app. Russian developers have developed Telegram. There are some safety features which are in Telegram. But the safest app is Signal. 

Why is there a backlash against Whatsapp?

There were many questions among the Indian People. They were sharing photos with friends, relatives and they had family groups. So they were afraid of losing their own data. 

This was the reason many users have quit Whatsapp and moved on to Telegram and Signal. 

Telegram announced that it has more than 50 Crore users. Within the last 72 hours, 2 Crore people have joined Telegram. In the 72 Crore Users, nearly 32% of the users are from Asian countries. 

When Whatsapp released its privacy policy, it became a mockery by Telegram. Memes were created to mock Whatsapp. Telegram users are increasing in numbers. 

Whatsapp Fake Privacy Policy - Data Theft and Process Explained

Signal released a statement that their download has increased by 18%. There are people who are still using WhatsApp. 

For the people who still use WhatsApp, you are leaking data to WhatsApp about the conversation you have with your friends and relatives. Whatsapp knows Your Phone Number, Mobile model, Ip Address. This has been shared without your knowledge. 

Whatsapp says that they don't directly read anyone’s messages. 

Will there be profit for Whatsapp for reading these messages we send?

Whatsapp says this is Digital Media. 

Why are they constantly advertising that they will not take data?

You can see this ad in all magazines. In printed Newspapers, many headlines show that Whatsapp will not steal the data. 

Will a Robber say that he robs for a living?

No. He will say that he didn't steal to the last.  

What is WhatsApp stealing from us?

Many commented that We speak about Whatsapp Theft data. 

Why don't you speak about google data theft?

We use Google for searches as it is a Search Machine. So a user can do 100 searches to the Maximum. We are also using many Google products. So through that, they may obtain data. We use Google Drive, Google Photos, and we don't use it often. 

Whatsapp Fake Privacy Policy - Data Theft and Process Explained

But when it comes to Whatsapp, From you waking up to going to sleep use WhatsApp all the time. Many have found ways to sell goods through WhatsApp. So WhatsApp on a daily basis for every second is taking nearly 200% of data more than google. This is the reason we have to look into WhatsApp Privacy Policy. 

Can the Indian govt take action against Whatsapp?

Yes, the government can take action against Whatsapp. The Central government gave many reasons for data theft and blocked many apps such as Tik Tok. Whatsapp is doing more than Tik Tok. We are not asking for a total ban of Whatsapp, but the Indian Govt must bring in New rules and regulations. 

The Indian government should protect its Citizens data. No Location data should be shared with other countries. 

If there is an Army Personnel or a Scientist who uses Whatsapp. Imagine what the enemy could do with the location signal. 

We have discussed in the Mossad series on how they plan the assassinations. 

So using WhatsApp and leaking data to other countries may end in tragedy for our country and its citizens. So we should be very careful. This is why many countries have passed Laws for data Privacies. According to the laws, the apps can be used in the country. 

You can read the Whatsapp Privacy Policy which is given in the description of the video. 

Whatsapp Fake Privacy Policy - Data Theft and Process Explained

Whatsapp says they don't read any messages. Sending messages to other groups is an end to end Encryption. This is the lie WhatsApp tells to the people. 

For Ex: Many People would like to delete their data and uninstall Whatsapp. Just uninstalling will not delete your data. You have to send a request to WhatsApp to delete your data. After they have received the request it will take 90 days to delete all data. 

Can you access your data within the 90 days?

No, says Whatsapp. It is clearly in their Privacy Policy. 

What will Whatsapp do with your data for 90 days?

Whatsapp says that the data is in categories. So it will take time for them to delete the data. So even though you have deleted your account, Your data will be with WhatsApp for 90 days. 

Through Big data Analysis, they can easily take an output within 15 minutes of the Huge Data which they have in their servers. So 90 days of your data in their server, they can easily create an output. 

Whatsapp is stealing everyone’s data. 

You can clearly see it in their privacy Policy. Whatsapp says that they are collecting information about you. The data is retrieved to organize and modify their service. Whatsapp says that they are collecting your data to improve User Usage of the app. 

So if Facebook wants to improve its users. They can simply collect the data from Whatsapp without any research team. They will give Facebook what the users are expecting and their Preferences without any research team from Facebook doing research to increase the users. Whatsapp have clearly said that they collect the data to enhance the service. 

What data does WhatsApp collect?

Whatsapp says that it has been done through Automatically Collected Information. It is called Log Information. A Log is keeping a tab on the errors of the software. It can be information about you.  

Whatsapp Fake Privacy Policy - Data Theft and Process Explained

When Whatsapp was designed they have included many log files. Whatsapp says that it is collecting data from the Log file. But they have specifically said which type of data they are collecting. They have said that Phone Number, Phone Model, Ip address, location data are being collected by Whatsapp. 

Every Corporate is dependent on 4G or 5G Network. If they want to sell mobiles to customers. They need data about the user's expectations. This data is obtained through WhatsApp. People are using Whatsapp web as well. 

Whatsapp collects all mobile information such as Model, Signal Strength, Battery Level, many details which contain unimaginable data has been collected through these Log Files by Whatsapp. 

For Ex: If a person starts an app called Indian Mobile. Any App company can stop the growth of the company. So the companies will act as Indian Mobile to safeguard their users. Ads will not be shown. They will never ever let the other company grow. So using the data they can easily destroy the Start-up companies. 

Next Comes Location. 

For Ex: If you send your location to your friend. The Log File will capture the Location data of both members. Facebook which controls WhatsApp will use this information. 

Now we know how they collect the data. 

How does Whatsapp process the information?

Facebook has many branch companies. The information will be passed to those companies. Through sharing the collecting information without any research and enhancing Facebook and Whatsapp. 

For More Detailed Information please Check the Description In the video. 

If you are using Whatsapp Business. If you are selling or buying you will receive a receipt. In that receipt, you will receive ads which you were searching for online it can be a product or a Flight status. This is called targeted Ads. 

Facebook has started to recognize the necessities of each and every person through the data they have collected from you. This is the first Phase. 

Facebook is Collecting your data. 

IF data is being robbed,

Can the Indian government take any Action?

Through the Information Technology act Section 72A, surely this can be stopped. Please search for this law and Please Comment. 

Please ask your questions in the Comments section. 

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