Who are the Kurds- Turkey & Syria Issue


Turkey has started its attack in the North-East part of Syria. This attack is against the Kurdish People. In the North East of Syria, the area belonged to the Kurds and the Americans were supporting the Kurds. We have already discussed the Syrian war in three Videos. In this post, we will discuss

  1. Who are the Kurds?
  2. Why is Turkey Attacking the Kurds now?
  3. Is the safe zone really safe?


When Speaking about Turkey, Syria and the Kurds, in our minds Tamil Eelam is the first thing we remember. We can look into this issue in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil people. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

A brother has asked me to talk about The Great Depression which happened in 1929. We have been reading all your comments and we will discuss it in a video.

The area which covers Syria, Syria was a part of the Ottoman Empire. Before the Ottoman Empire, it was not a united country but tribes in various locations. From Ancient Times the people who were living as Tribes in an area in Syria are the Kurds. Before the ottoman empire even existed the Kurds were there. 

After the 7th Century BC, The ottoman Empire takes control of the Kurds. Islam came to the Kurds. The Kurds were forced to convert to Islam by the Ottoman Empire. The people who lived there were forced to convert as Muslim Arabs. Then came the Mongolian Empire and they ruled the Kurds. 

So until the Ottoman Empire existed the Kurds were there in their area. So after world War1 the Ottoman Empire has been shattered into pieces. The empire has fallen, So the Kurds were nearly 2.5 crores in numbers at that time. So the Kurds thought that they have been ruled by others for so long now. So they thought of establishing a new Country for themselves. So they request to name their country as Kurdistan. So The Ottoman empire has fallen and gave rise to Kurdistan. So the request for a separate country was placed to Britain and France. So Britain and France sign a treaty called the Treaty of Sevres. They assure the Kurds that they will give a Separate Country. So the treaty of Sevres has been signed in 1920. So Kurds were jubilant about their new country. 

Before they were called The Kurds. They had another name called Yazidism meaning Yazidis. Till now these Yazidis still live in Iraq and Syria. They are still being oppressed by various kinds of people who come to their lands. 

Who are the Kurds- Turkey & Syria Issue

Who are the Yazidis?

What are their sufferings?

We will look into those matters in another Post. The Yazidis are the ones who converted into The Kurds. So the Treaty of Sevres has been signed. But suddenly Britain, France, and Russia thought of creating new borders. Britain and France were the brains here. This is the middle east where the Kurds were living. Two leaders from these countries came to an agreement of splitting the area for themselves. This agreement was called as Sykes-Picot agreement.  They just split the area of the Kurds for themselves. We have already discussed about this in another video from Tamil pokkisham. So Sykes and Picot draw the borders splitting the area into different peices. So the Kurds area was split into four areas which was taken over by Four Countries. Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria now control the land which belonged to the Kurds. Now you may have a doubt.

How is this possible?

Has no one spoken for the Kurdish people?

The signing of the agreement was not announced to the Kurds. Suddenly they were informed that their country has been split into four and will be a part of the other countries. They were informed that they will not be a separate country. This treaty was called The Treaty of Lausanne. After this treaty only countries like Turkey, Syria were created, Iran and Iraq were split into others. So when many countries were created, but the Kurds were disappointed that they receive their own country. Turkey and Syria say that they will not grant any area to the Kurds. The Kurds have no other way but to rise against Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. They just want a  country for themselves but the Army of these four nations is oppressing the Kurds. This dispute has been going on for so long now.

Turkey has a dream. Its dream is o bring back the Ottoman Empire. Their dream is endangered by the Kurds who live there. So their aim to destroy the Kurds. This Dispute started in 1920. Now you should have understood the dispute. 

So the fight against these 4 countries by The Kurds started with Syria. The Kurds started to fight against the Syrian President to claim their lost lands. So Syria calls Iran and Iraq to take care of the Kurds. The Americans support the Kurds. This gave rise to ISIS. ISIS’s agenda is totally different and they say the want to establish an Islamic Caliphate(Islamic State). The area which ISIS is claiming belongs to the Kurds. The 4 Countries were against The Kurds but now there is another one which is a terrorist organization called ISIS. The Americans came in to solve the issue of the Syrian Civil war. 

When the Kurds were fighting against ISIS, Turkey laid in wait. The Americans advised Turkey to not engage with the Kurds as they were fighting against ISIS. So the Kurds fight and win a lof of Major Victories against ISIS. The Kurds were the ones who drove out ISIS from various locations. The Kurds were brave and steadfast in their aim to achieve a Separate country. The Kurd’s bravery is showcased with the Women who fight in the frontlines. 

Who are the Kurds- Turkey & Syria Issue

ISIS is scared to fight against the Kurds, there is a belief within ISIS fighters that if they are killed by a woman they go to hell. The Kurdish army had a lot of Female warriors and ISIS fighters were scared of them. So they retreat from Various locations granting the Kurd’s victories.  America was very happy, by lending arms and support to the Kurds they were able to subdue ISIS. The Kurds have also captured a lot of ISIS fighters. Now ISIS’s influence in the region has declined, so America stopped supporting the Kurds enabling Turkey to attack the Kurds. American elections are coming, need to stir the pot about Oil resources, Trade, and economy. 

After its long wait, Turkey now wants a safe zone in the region of the Kurds. Turkey says that the Safezone has been created to place the refugees nearly 3 to 4 lakhs from Syria. Weare going to create a safe zone and place these refugees there. The Kurds are saying if you place the refugees there, then the Kurdish way of life will be destroyed. The Kurds are pleading with the International community to give them their land. 

Who are the Kurds- Turkey & Syria Issue

Now Tamil Eelam should have come to your mind. Occupying areas that belong to another community is the thing that is happening in Syria now.  So kurds now dont have any way, America has betrayed them and the Kurds are on the run. They move to different locations to fight against Turkey. Now the Kurds are unable to take the ISIS prisoners with them. This war has turned out to be a major war in the area. Turkey has been bombing the Kurds constantly for 10 days. Now the Kurds have said that they have released the ISIS fighters. They have also said that they are not going to execute the prisoners. This news has been released by an America Media. 

America now is saying that The Kurds have deliberately released ISIS fighters so we will not support the Kurds. America was the one who didn’t support the Kurds, they backstabbed the Kurds. Now they are saying that The Kurds made a mistake. And this lie from America is believed by the international community. This is the boost for Turkey, but America have said that we will create a ban if you continue the bombing on the Kurds. 

So the Kurds had an idea, Their fight was against Turkey, So they thought of a Coalition with the Syrian President. So giving back lands which belonged to Syria and getting support from The Syrian Army. This Coalition has been formed and they are getting ready to fight against Turkey. But this in not possible, Many European countries want Syria to be destroyed as a nation. The Kurds are also a big headache for them When you go war with the Kurds then the Kurds from other countries like Iraq and Iran will respond and that will enable them to create a new country this can’t happen for the Western nations. 

Lets wait and see how this transforms. The posts about Yazidis will be shared and also about The great Depression. 

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