Why Self Motivation is Important

Many of us need motivation on Monday Mornings. We have selected this topic as many of You are interested in this Monday Motivation. Why do we need Monday Motivation? Its because on Saturdays and Sundays we could have spent time with family and friends. When Monday comes we must go to College, School or Office. That particular time, we may feel this Emptiness on our minds. So to Overcome this emptiness we need Monday Motivation. In this article, we will go through A Good News, A Bad one and some Political views and finally we will have a look into Self- Motivation.

The Good News :

We would like to start this Article with good news. We already know about the Pregnant lady from Salem who was injected with the HIV Blood. Resulting in her affected by HIV. Many of us spoke out and Condemned the carelessness of Government Employees.  Many of us requested for the Suspension of the employees. The lady has given birth to a child. The test results for the child has been confirmed as HIV Negative. The child has been given great care and has overcome the difficulties. So this news in a welcome one for all of us.  This news has been announced 2 or 3 weeks back. But we waited for this long for the confirmation of the news. So this is great news.

The Bad News:

Moving on to the next issue,  A child from Kovai has been Raped and Killed. The convict has been identified and his name is Santhosh. The Rapist has made Terrible confessions that he has been raping this child for nearly 6 months. A libertine who was able to rape this child for a continuation of 6 months in a village without nobody noticing is really surprising. A question arises from our hearts. What were the child's parents were doing? The ultimate conclusion that comes in our minds is to care of our children.

Political Views:

We were speaking about politics a lot in recent times. One friend from our channel called me and gave me some information. He has asked me to not give up his name so we will not do so. The information he gave us really affected our minds and thoughts. Before going into that topic. I have to speak about something else. I would say that I had success as an elder brother and a friend of viewers when it comes to Political awareness. But I failed as a younger brother to my viewers.

So how did I succeed as an Elder Brother and a Friend to my viewers in our channel?

I tried to educate People who are new to vote in this election or people who are learning about Politics now. For Ex: what is politics? what are the salaries for MLA and Mp? What are their Responsibilities? Why should not vote for Nota? The answers to these questions have been answered by me in the best way possible. We have always considered our Youtube Channel Tamil Pokkisham as one huge Family. So as an elder brother I have done my best to educate you in any way possible. As an Elder Brother, I have succeeded.

But as a Younger brother, I have degraded my elders with my views. For Ex: Please don't receive any bribe for voting for a political party. Please try to vote for a Good Government who will do good for the people. So a question comes in my mind " Did We think the people who have voted all these days are clowns?" A sense of sadness crept into me when I think about it. I had this guilty feeling that I have underestimated my elder brothers.

I think of myself that even in my age I think about good politics and a Great Government to rule us. From each family, people who are over 40 yrs now could have thought the same thing maybe 10 or 20 years back. They could have argued about politics then and now. So to those brothers who needed a change in politics, I would like to say something. There was no GIO or Internet or Social media. But now there's a huge difference between us. If you wanted to say something you could have spoken to 10 people.  But if we want to say something we can say that to 100 or 1000 people. If a Meme is created it been viewed by 1,00,000 viewers. If we put a Video for the Meme there are 1 crore Viewers. That's how the change is happening my brothers. In this Election, we may not get the Right result which we expect. but the next Election will be in the hands of the younger generation.

So the real question which our Viewer and Friend asked me was this -

Why are you giving Importance to this Election?

Which Party do you want to take your revenge on?

This is just a simple and easy question for us to reply.

So take a political party and research about that party. Look into their policy and the people who stand behind that policy. For Ex: Mannal Mafia( The Robbers who steal the riverside sand and sell it). Many candidates who support this Mannal Mafia are competing in this Election.  We are not saying about One political party. But we are saying about all Political parties who have Particular Candidates with Links to the Mannal Mafia. So how can we oppose the Goct which is corrupt? We are going to elect another Corrupt Govt which may not solve the issue.

Nearly 50 to 60 years we have been voting for these So called Political parties which are all corrupt. We cannot see a change in politics. We can't argue that there were good things happening in Tamilnadu. But Many good things have not happened all these years. So what will happen this Election which has not happened in the past 50 years? What kind of change can we see in this Election? This may be the question which arises from your heart. So asked that friend(Our Viewer) a question. Don't you want us to vote for this Election?. He just said “ Call upon the People for a Revolution. If a Revolution happens in Tamil Nadu, This corrupt System will be changed.

Another Question came to my mind. Why hasn’t this Govt System didn’t function Properly?. What wrong did we do electing this Corrupt Govt and Political Parties?

Many of us are leading a normal life which means Simpletons.  We have to work today to get our daily meals. If I have to go to work t a company then I have to work for 30 days to get my salary. So if we involve ourselves in The Revolution then who is going to take care of my family. So this is the situation for a lot of people in Tamilnadu. So what do these People think “Whatever happened has Happened, After 5 years of Dethroning the Other Political Party we think that they could have changed.” So we think that we can vote for them again thinking that they have changed. This happens every time that we vote for Either the Elected Party or the Opposing Party. So what happens is we have created a Chain reaction where these two parties can only be the Winners or losers. So this is how our Society functions. It is very hard for us to change this kind of Society.

So how can we make a Big Change? We must Educate our children in politics. So with Revolution alone, we cannot change the Political Situation which is in Tamilnadu. We absolutely need Revolution. But we cannot use Revolution for each and Every Situation. But when we depend upon Revolution we may accidentally educate our Young People to come to a conclusion that Revolution is the ONLY WAY.

So we can try to vote for a good Govt. Suppose if we fail in this Endeavor then we can opt for the Only Option which is available “Revolution”. When it comes to Revolution we are not trying to Threaten anybody. We are just trying t say that if we rule the people in a proper way then there is no need for Revolution. If you are conducting a Govt against the people’s will then Revolution is at hand. The world which we live in is very fast. The messages which we send are immediately received and viewed by many people all around the world. The younger Generation which is coming now is very keenly watching the politics which is happening around them.

When we see “Boards displayed in Tea shops or Saloon shops’ Don't Speak Politics here”. Many College students are speaking about the current state of politics in Tamilnadu. Students like Brother Ganesh and a lot of Youngsters are speaking about Politics. So this awareness about Politics is not going to stop. This is Just a Start. After 5 or 6 yrs this will lead to a Good understanding of  Politics which will lead to a Political Change.

Self - Motivation:

“ Don't get a bribe for voting for a political Party” We didn’t say that to all people. Those people who don’t have resources or Educational background are the ones who are doing this without knowingly. But Our generation cannot be fooled by these corrupt Politicians. We have the Education, we have the Thinking Capacity to make the change.

When it comes to Motivation. We cannot try to motivate a person for all time. You cannot watch a motivation video all day. This kind of Motivation’s lifespan is just one day. SO how can we motivate ourselves every day? It is called Self – Motivation.

While standing in front of the Mirror say to yourself that You are a person that is born to change the world. Think that you are the most Beautiful person in this whole world. Think in your mind that “I am not going to cheat anybody and I am a good person”. Find a Path which best suits you. When you start practising this Motivation and When you think that You are the Most Beautiful Person then only The real Motivation will start from your heart. That Motivations lifespan will be The days you live in this world.

So altogether in this article, we spoke about a piece of good news, We Spoke about A Culprit and also about Politics. So after this article, the Topic which we will pursue is the Topic which you guys will mention the comments section.





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