Will Russia Invade Ukraine – Russia Ukraine Issue Explained

Will Russia Invade Ukraine - Russia Ukraine Issue Explained

Russia VS America. Are you going to discuss the Cold War?

We will discuss the latest issue Russia Vs Ukraine. The World believes that this will turn into a conflict in Jan or Feb2022.

What could be the reason for the conflict?

It has to be a political reason or Historical reason. We will discuss this in detail. 

Russia has massed its troops on the Ukraine border. It is estimated that Russia has stationed nearly 96000 Troops near the border. 

There may be more than 96000 Soldiers, 1500 Tanks, 330 Aircraft, 75 Warships and Six6 Submarines. Russia has these troops in Standby. Russia can attack Ukraine from 10 Different directions. The World has knows the Military Drills on the border.

Why has Russia not invaded Ukraine?

The reason is NATO and American forces. We discussed the Collapse of the USSR in the previous post. But we didnt discuss the Berlin Wall. We have already discussed the berlin wall in another post. 

The Berlin wall was built and Germany was split into East and West Germany. When the Berlin wall was destroyed, USSR demanded that Germany should not be included in NATO. America and the USSR agreed to this and East and West Germany became Germany. USSR was the main reason behind the victory of the Allies over Hitler. When the USSR Collapsed, Russia didnt want the 15 Countries to be included in NATO or the EU. But America and the EU wanted these Countries to join their organizations. Russia was totally against this move. 

NATO also tried to bring Ukraine into its fold. 

What could happen if a country joins NATO or the EU?

NATO has many countries in its Organization. If A Non-NATO Country declares war against a NATO member. It is considered to be a war against the entire NATO. So the NATO Countries will declare war against the enemy together. Safety in Numbers is the NATO weapon. This same procedure is in the EU. But if a country wants to join the EU, it should have a solid Economy. Ukraine didnt have a solid economy, so Ukraine signed agreements with the EU. After the trade agreement between the EU and Ukraine, its production increased. Ukraine produced Drones and imported Weapons. 

In 2014 Russia invaded and annexed Crimea. Crimea is a very strategic region for Russia and Putin wanted it. Ukraine had its own problems. Two of its states Donetsk and Luhansk wanted to be declared Independent countries. The two regions have the Separatists holding the areas. They want Independence from Ukraine. These two regions share borders with Russia. 

In 1991 before the USSR Collapsed. Russia had sent settlers into the areas. In Ukraine their many people who are supporters of Russia. Georgia also has a population that supports Russia. This is the reason many states want Independence from Ukraine. 

Next is the Sea of Azov. Russia built a big Bridge. This bridge connects Crimea to Russia. Ukraine also used the Sea of Azov. Russian bridge has a height of 32 meters. Russia didnt want big ships to sail under the bridge. This is a plan of Russia to isolate Ukraine. Belarus has always supported Russia. 

There is an issue between Belarus and Poland. Recent news says that there is a migrant issue. EU is deciding whether to pass sanctions against Belarus or not. Belarus and Russia are allies. Belarus also shares its borders with Ukraine. So Ukraine is surrounded by enemies. 

Why is Crimea important to Russia?

Through Crimea, Russia can have access to the Red Sea. If Crimea is not under the control of Russia, many ports will be useless. This is the reason Crimea is important to Russia. 

In the EU, the second largest landscape country is Ukraine. Ukraine also has many mountains. Ukraine can use these mountains to easily send troops into Russia. These Mountains also act as Chokepoints. If America sends its troops they will be stationed in these Mountains. The High Vantage Points are an advantage to Ukraine if Russia invades. 

India has J&K which is a very important strategic region to the country. If an army is stationed in peaks, it will be hard for the enemy to advance. This is the reason Russia is tough on Ukraine. Russia doesnt want Ukraine to join NATO or the EU. 

What is the strategy of Russia?

In Nov2021 Russia succeeded in a test to Destroy a satellite. Russian Agency said that Russia is capable of destroying more than 30 American Satellites at the same time. This is shocking news to America. If Russia manages to Destroy American Satellites. America will be greatly affected. 

In the Cold war, America and Russia were involved in an Arms race. But recently Russia and America didnt faceoff. This is called a Silent Period to make advances in their Military. When there is an issue between both countries they will introduce the advanced Military Equipment they have developed. 

Will Russia Invade Ukraine?

In World Politics, Taiwan China issue is a hot topic. The India China border Standoff. Then The Russia Ukraine Issue. 

If Russia invades Ukraine, China will invade Taiwan. America and NATO will have to deal with two countries at the same time. 

Russia and China have developed Hypersonic Missiles. Using these weapons China and Russia can target strategic Army bases and America cannot do anything against it. Russia has also warned America of a Nuclear weapon. 

Within Jan31st 2022, American Diplomats must leave Ukraine. Russia cannot confirm the safety of the American Citizens in Ukraine. 

Russia is ready for war as it has deployed troops near the Ukraine border. Russia is also conducting military drills in the area. 

When the Berlin wall was destroyed Russia demanded not to include the 15 Countries in the EU and NATO. America is acting against this agreement. Russia can easily say that Amercia didnt stay true to the agreement. Russia will go against America. China will join the war. 

In 1956 Georgia has announced a separate country. The reason was Stalin conducted genocide on his own people. After their Independence, Georgia wanted to ally with Amercia. Russia warned America not to help Georgia. 

America ignored the threat and sent troops to Georgia. Their aim was to give training to the Georgia army. Russia invaded Georgia. Russia Invaded and annexed Crimea. Russia waged war against Georgia. This stopped the expansion of the NATO Forces. When Russia annexed Crimea NATO countries didnt do anything. Now Russia wants to invade Ukraine. 

We will discuss more in the Upcoming post. This is the issue between Russia and Ukraine. 

What is the solution to this issue?

Will there be a war?

This will be determined by the World Powers. We cannot predict anything. Any Change can happen at any time in World Politics. 

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