Will there be a third wave in India? – Data and Numbers

Will there be a third wave in India? - Data and Numbers

Many asked this question,

Will there be a Covid-19 Third wave in India?

China has cancelled more than 100 flights. In Russia from Oct 30th to Nov 07th it will be paid leave. Russia is going to announce Lockdown. In America, more than 70000 people have been infected by the virus. The UK has more than 50000 people affected. New Zealand is going to introduce the Traffic lights system. All this information has raised this question about the Third wave in India. 

Let's discuss the Available data. 

In India many are so careless, they don't wear Masks. They are not maintaining social distancing. The Theatres have been opened. People have returned to normal life with the coronavirus present. 

Dr Soumya Swaminathan says that there will be no third wave in India. She is a very important scientist in WHO. She has said that there is no chance of a third wave. If it does come then it will be in 2022. She has also said that Coronavirus has become Endemic In India. 

Will there be a third wave in India? - Data and Numbers

People who watch the Tamil Seed Channel will know the Meaning of Endemic, Pandemic, Twindemic. 

Endemic is Seasonal diseases that will affect and disappear. Pandemic means it will cause huge Deaths and the transmission rate will be higher. Twindemic means two diseases affecting at the same time. If Coronavirus and Flu affect a country this could be classified as Twindemic. Many Countries suffered through Twindemic. 

In India, Twindemic is not new. Whether it is Cholera or Dengu India has witnessed Twindemic Situations. Dr Soumya Swaminathan is not the only person but the PM’s Chief advisor has also confirmed that it has become an Endemic. India has crossed 100 Crore Vaccines. India is the second country to vaccinate more than 100 crore people. 

What are the numbers of the other countries?

Is this data sufficient to say that India is safe?

The Chief Advisor has said that The third wave might not hit India. But the Indian people every 5 Months have to be vaccinated by the Booster doses. So the Indian people must get vaccinated every 5 months. 

What should India do to achieve this goal?

India has to create many companies which will produce these vaccinations. The Indian infrastructure should be changed. 

Is the Vaccine playing an important role?

Reaching 100 Crore vaccinated targets is not an easy target. Within 281 days 100 Crore People were vaccinated. But For TB disease 100 Crore vaccines target India took 32 years. For Polio, it took twenty years. So this is a huge achievement by India reaching 100 Crore Vaccines within 281 days. 

India vaccinated 35 Lakh people per day. America’s number is 18 Lakh people. Japan’s numbers are 7 to 8 lakhs. So the Number of vaccinated people in India is high compared to other countries. The other countries took nearly 85 days to vaccinate 10 Crore People, but India only took 19 days. 

Among the 100 Crore, nearly 79 Crore had vaccinated their First dose and 21 Crore have completed their Second Dose. 

Will there be a third wave in India? - Data and Numbers

India’s vaccine rate is 5x larger than Japan. It is 10x larger than France and Germany. India has achieved a target. 

But the real question is the Population. The Total Population Vs Vaccinated people. In this list UAE is first, they have completed vaccinating 80% of the Population. Many other countries are 85% which are small populated countries. 

India has vaccinated only 20.56% of its entire population. So India has only vaccinated 20%. But the new cases in India are 14623. Singapore, which has vaccinated 85% of its population, said that it will be unable to face the third wave. 

Russia says that it has vaccinated 35% of the adults in its population. The Daily number of deaths has increased in Russia. The UK had placed Vaccine orders from various countries. But the Daily cases is 50000. The Doctors in the UK have urged a lockdown of the country. 

China has closed flights. The Schools are closed. Two people went on a tour and visited their family members. This transmission became big and has affected the Northern Region of China. 

From Oct 25th if you want to come to India, you should have a Negative RT PCR Certificate. 

So the countries which have a large percentage of Vaccinated People seem to have a high number of cases. The virus is still spreading. 

New Zealand was the first country to announce Zero Covid19 cases after the first wave. Please have a look at the graph in the video. The Graph shows a spike in many countries. 

India has a low chance of a Third wave. But we have to be very careful. If we are careless due to the low chance of a third wave. Then the Third wave will surely hit India. 

This data shows how careful we must act. The UK announced that the virus has been defeated and they asked to throw away the masks. America said the same. Russia said that the virus will not enter their country. NZ said that they were Corona free. 

Now the situation in those countries is worse. India is not immune. So please don't be careless. 

Due to the people's carelessness, India may join these countries which are suffering now. This post is a small warning post. 

There are theories that say the third wave will hit India. This situation will come when another variant is found in India. 

The Delta Variant is Obsolete. Now in the UK Delta Plus variant is spreading. This variant is called AY.4.2. So AY.4.2, Twindemic, Endemic and Booster dosage. The vaccine companies say that they have increased the Efficiency of their vaccines. 

In One Side they say that the Vaccine efficiency has increased. Many Countries have reported High New cases. 

So if the countries which are less affected should be careful which will lead to less number of deaths and suffering. 

Believe that the Third wave will not affect India. But don't be careless because of this news. This is a small warning. 

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