World War 2 Unbelievable facts – Allies VS Axis Crazy Projects

World War 2 Unbelievable facts - Allies VS Axis Crazy Projects

In 2013 Poland some strange diseases affected some people. Some People fainted. Some said that their heartbeat has increased. Research showed that these people were living near the sea. 

What is the connection between these diseases and the Seashore?

Many Scientists took part in this research. The Scientists asked a question

How did Mustard Gas come to the region?

Nearly 1000 Kilometres from the region is the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea is in Germany. The event which happened in 1945 Germany is the reason for the incident in Poland in 2013. Scientists also say that there will be diseases up to 2050. 

Is this disease more harmful than Coronavirus?

This is a new series. Unbelievable Facts. 

In 1945 The Nazis were defeated. The Allies have to make a decision.

What to do with Chemical weapons?

Chemical weapons must be destroyed at all costs. Nazi Germany had nearly 2 Lakhs Ton Chemical weapons. They wanted to throw the chemical weapons into the sea. They decided that the Baltic Sea would be the location. 

Nearly 65000 Ton Chemical weapons were dropped into the Baltic Sea. These Chemicals were locked in containers and thrown into the deep sea. These Chemicals after years started to resurface. This is the reason the Poland People who are nearly 1000 Kilometres away are suffering from strange diseases. So The Allies were the ones who dropped the Chemical weapons into the Sea. The strange Diseases are just the start. 

The Next is the V2 Rocket. 

In this Modern era, India has been testing Agni5 Missiles. America and China are testing Hypersonic Weapons. 

Who is the father of these missiles?

The V2 Rocket is the first of its kind. The V2 is called Vengeance Rocket. Hitler ordered the Nazis to develop the V2 to gain an advantage over the allies. The Scientists have worked hard and have developed the V2 rocket. The World has never seen a Rocket used as a weapon. Using the Prototype the Nazis produced a 1 Ton V2 Rocket. For Nine Months the Nazis attacked the allies using the V2 Rockets. Nearly 3000 V2 Rockets were launched against the Allies. Germany sent 3000 Ton of bombs to other countries. 

But in return every night The American & Allied bombers dropped 3000 Tonnes of bombs on Germany. The V2 Rocket is the first missile in history. 

Did the V2 rockets hit their targets?

The V2 rockets didn't hit the targets. The 3000 V2 rockets killed 2700 people. The Unbelievable fact is that during the V2 Tests nearly 20000 Slaves lost their lives. To manufacture the V2 rockets Hitler sacrificed 20000 people. Some V2 Rockets launches were failures and it killed the people in the base. 

After Hitler Suicide, The V2 Rocket technology was taken by America and Russia. They started to learn the Missile System. This is the reason America and Russia are leading in Missile technology. 

Next Comes Project ORCON. This project was done by Pigeons. Americans did this project during Worldwar2. The Americans wanted to launch a bomb and hit a target. This was happening in 1940-44. There was no navigation system to guide the bombs. The Americans tried to develop a navigation system into their weapon. There was no navigation system, so they used Pigeons to navigate by giving training. The pigeon's eyes have 3x to 10x Processing power than Humans. The Pigeons were given training. Four Levers were attached to the Pigeons. Then they show an image to the Pigeon as the target. The Pigeons were trained to use the Levers. The Missiles were designed where the Front side will have a pigeon to navigate. The Pigeon will be shown the enemy target image. The Pigeon after the launch will guide the missile to its target. From 1939-41 America spent nearly 3 lakh USD. Many pigeons have been trained. But the project ended up as a failure. Americans stopped the project. This is an unbelievable project.

There was another project which was done by the Americans. Before we discuss the details. We will tell you the harm it has done. In Japan, a forested area often has forest fires. Some houses in the villages often catch fire. The Japanese didn't have a clue about this mystery. Finally, they discovered that in 1942 American weapons which were tested were the reason. 

A Parachute drops down which is surrounded by birds. Then the fire starts. The Japanese discovered that America has tested the Bat weapon. The bats will be in a sleep state which will be put in chambers. The bats will carry the explosives. Then they will put the chambers in the rocket-shaped object. This container will be carried by a bomber and then launched. When the container is dropping at 1000 feet the container will start to open. When the air hits the bats, they will wake up from their sleep. The Bats will start to fly. 15 minutes into their flight the bats carrying the bombs will explode. The bats carrying explosives will go to various spots and after the explosion, the fire will start. The Americans tested this project and it was a failure. The Bats when on American bases started to fly and caused havoc. This became a huge loss for the Americans. This was the reason the project was stopped. 

World War 2 Unbelievable facts - Allies VS Axis Crazy Projects

Now let's discuss Russia. Russia trained Anti-Tank Suicide Dogs. The Dogs were trained that if they see a tank there will be food beneath the Tank. The dog was trained this way. The dogs were carrying explosives. If the dog sees a tank it will run towards the tank thinking there will be food. The Dog will run below the tank and the explosives will be activated. The training of dogs has been completed. In the war, the dogs were released upon sighting of german tanks. Russia learned that the trained dogs would run under the tanks which were not moving. But the German tanks were roaring ahead and the dogs were scared to approach the Tanks due to the noise. Russia says that nearly 300 dogs successfully destroyed German Tanks. Russia due to heavy losses had to hold this project. 

Now let's discuss the British part. The British had to develop technology to survive the war. Their aim was the D-day landings. When the Troops start to land on beaches they get killed by German Troops easily. The Atlantic wall is 3 metres high and 2 Metres thick was a concrete wall that must be destroyed. The British troops sustained heavy casualties when trying to destroy these walls. To destroy the Walls they need Powerful weapons. The Royal Airforce was not able to approach the wall due to Anti-air weapons. The British wanted to launch these explosives from ships. This project was called the Great Panjandrum. Two wheels were connected by an axel. The Axel will contain Explosives. For wheel rotation, they attached small rockets. When the small rockets are lit at the same time. It will start rotating the wheels. The Wheels will then roll towards the Wall and the explosives will destroy the wall. This was the British theory. 

World War 2 Unbelievable facts - Allies VS Axis Crazy Projects

The British wanted to test the project. The British people gathered to see this project work. In the first test, the right wheel rockets worked but the Left didn't work. So the first test was a failure. The British were unable to light all the rockets at the same time. The British added another wheel. Another 40 to 50 Rockets were fitted to the wheel. During that test, the Wheel which went forward started to reverse. This was a huge risk for the British. So after three months of modifications the final testing started. When the British people were looking, the rockets in the wheel started to fire. The rockets left the wheel and just flew everywhere. The British project was a huge failure. The British did not use this weapon in the war. 

These are unbelievable facts. This is the truth. We have discussed the Unbelievable facts in Worldwar2.

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